Courtney Huber

Courtney Leigh Huber was a former UMKC track and field standout. She had her entire life ahead of her, but on January 5th, 2010, she passed away. She was only 23 and had just recently graduated from college with a French degree during the Spring of 2009. Rather than getting kudos over her achievements, Courtney got something else– kicked off her parents insurance policy. Unlike many other recent college graduates, Courtney wasn’t thinking about her next exciting life challenge – she was concentrating on how to survive life itself.

A four-time Mid-Continent Conference high jump champion and an eight time All-Conference honoree during her career with the Kangaroos had found herself in a position that she felt was too embarrassing to talk about. Courtney was secretly ashamed that she no longer had the ability to take care of herself or to treat her diabetes properly. Courtney had grown to think that it was time to live on her own, or in other words– fend for herself. However, the one thing that college didn’t prepare her for was living without insurance.

Courtney hid her pain from the rest of the world as she carefully rationed out her supply of insulin while working as a waitress in a local Kansas City french restaurant. As beautiful, talented, and intelligent as she was, Courtney was never the type of person to ask for help. Never saying a word to family or friends about her financial struggle, her health began to suffer.

Although Courtney did apply for subsidies, she didn’t fall into any indigent categories and was turned down time and time again. Sadly, she came to her own conclusion that this was the way things were. Scared, stubborn, and alone, Courtney was determined to keep up the fight as she marched on until tragedy struck. Something her family, her loved ones, and herself were unprepared for. Weaning off of her nighttime regimen of Lantus resulted in acute Ketoacidosis and she slipped into a coma, never to wake up again.

On January 5th, 2010 the world lost a bright and beautiful young woman– Her life being cut short because she no longer had health insurance.

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